Photography from Cape Verde

In the last year I have managed to head on trips to a number of countries I never thought I’d get the opportunity to visit, and admittedly, I had never had a plan to visit. Places like The Gambia and Cape Verde haven’t exactly been on my travel radar, and had I been challenged to […]

India photos – Day one

As I type this post, I’m coming to the end of my first full day in India. I have begun my trip around India in Delhi, and today I assigned myself the task of exploring as much of the city as possible before I leave tomorrow morning for Agra. Annoyingly, many of the city’s premier […]

Travel Snaps: Laos

Si Phan Don Sunset | Laos photography | A Long Day Off

We crossed into Laos from Chiang Rai in Thailand via a pretty strange river-crossing and chaotic border post. We felt a little like we were creeping into the country, and had it not been for the little shack where our passports were checked and our money was taken in exchange for a visa, that would […]