Travel Snaps: Argentina

From the far south where we encountered ice and snow to the vibrant and colourful capital city of Buenos Aires, here are some of my favourite snaps from three weeks exploring Argentina. Argentina Photography Check out some more of my travel snaps, documenting my travels around the world. And don’t forget to watch the documentary […]

Travel Snaps: Peru

The first country we set foot in during our 2010 South American adventure was the colourful, vibrant and friendly country of Peru, and I think here more than anywhere else I felt that we captured the flavour of the continent during our travels. We managed to score some really great experiences during our few weeks […]

Travel Snaps: Bolivia

My first big trip outside of Europe was spent in South America, a continent I travelled to with my girlfriend in 2010. While we were there, we were hired to create four charity documentary films in which we visited projects supported by the LATA Foundation. In addition to catching our travels on film, we also […]