The Final Episode

It’s taken a little while in coming, this final episode, but finally my trip and travel project has come to an end in the form of the tenth episode of my cycling adventure documentary. I have been delayed by my hunt for a job back in the travel industry; a successful hunt which will begin […]

The Ninth Episode

I didn’t know it just yet, but upon entering Switzerland, my bike was touching down in its final country of the trip and riding through the penultimate episode of my cycling adventure documentary. I had been looking forward to Switzerland for a long time, mainly due to the incredible scenery I would see from my […]

The Eighth Episode

The mountains of Austria had been a massive challenge. Not only was my body feeling the brunt of these mammoth climbs, but my bike was also struggling, especially going downhill, with my brakes not filling me with much confidence. I had to push on however, and the mountains only become even more intimidating. This week […]

The Seventh Episode

My two weeks of cycling through Germany, documented in episode 6, saw me leave the flat and easy cycling conditions of France, Belgium and the Netherlands behind, instead offering a medley of landscapes for me and my bike to tackle. These landscapes gradually became more and more extreme as I approached the Austrian border, most […]

The Sixth Episode

I pedaled out of the Netherlands feeling adjusted to the cycle touring lifestyle for the first time on the trip. The previous two weeks had been a big learning curve, throwing highs and lows at me as regularly as the kilometres passed beneath my wheels. I now had the width of Germany to cross, the […]

The Fifth Episode

After pedaling the first 200 miles of my European cycling adventure in episode 4 of A Long Day Off, my next step would take me into the touring cycling haven of the Netherlands. Famed for its fantastic cycling infrastructure, the Netherlands is arguably the most bike-friendly country in the world, and I was looking forward […]

The Fourth Episode

Arriving at locations such as the Belfry of Bruges (pictured above) was one of the key motivations for leaving my home on the saddle and exploring Europe. Though I have been to Bruges on a couple of occasions before, I am still overwhelmed by the old town’s beauty, charm and beer. Especially the beer. Bruges, […]