India photos – Day one

As I type this post, I’m coming to the end of my first full day in India. I have begun my trip around India in Delhi, and today I assigned myself the task of exploring as much of the city as possible before I leave tomorrow morning for Agra. Annoyingly, many of the city’s premier […]

Packing list for India

Packing list for India | A Long Day Off

I am heading to India tomorrow (26th March) for a three-week backpacking extravaganza! It has come around very quickly and I have really left my packing until the last minute. I put together a very useful packing list for India, one which more or less reflects the list I had for my world trip, though tailored […]

Planning a trip to India

Planning a trip to India | A Long Day Off

For about four or five years I’ve been planning a trip to India that I am yet to take. My delay in visiting the country has been down to various reasons, primarily work, lack of time and uncontrollable bowel movement anxiety. However, 2016 will be the year of my Indian adventure, as next month I’ll […]