An Introduction

Freezing in the Atacama Desert
Freezing in the Atacama Desert

Welcome to my site folks, I’m Ali and I suppose you could refer to me as a ‘travel blogger’ of sorts. I’ve done things a little bit backwards in a sense though, in that I am beginning this blog now having spent the best part and best parts of the last seven or eight years backpacking, cycling and hitchhiking across various corners of the globe. So I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

I have been lucky enough to experience over 50 countries across five continents; scaling South America from the far north to the deep south and driving my way around New Zealand and up the east coast of Australia, while also hitchhiking my way to Africa and Interrailing on three separate occasions around Europe.

As a qualified journalist and having worked in content within the travel industry, it is somewhat overdue that I take it upon myself to share some of my past, present and future travel stories with you, some that I hope A Long Day Off will be able to do justice, because the world I’ve seen is a pretty amazing place.

My most recent trip saw me embark on a two-month cycle tour around mainland Europe, and a trip that served as a catalyst for the birth of this blog. I undertook this adventure in the summer of 2015 and subsequently produced a 10-episode travel documentary following my journey. Feel free to binge watch the documentary here!

I intend to keep traveling and discovering new places; and I hope to bring my experiences to you in the form of this blog.


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