Coast to Coast walk – packing list

For my attempt at the Coast to Coast walk, I am taking two backpacks with me. The first is my large travelling backpack that I took with me on trips to the likes of India, Southeast Asia and New Zealand. The second backpack is a new Osprey day bag that I will be carrying on my back while I am walking.

I have found a number of packing lists for the Coast to Coast walk, but not a single one that showed the split between two backpacks, so I thought I’d post my packing list below.


Main backpack


Travel Pillow

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Bath bag

x3 socks

x3 pants

x1 jumper

x2 t shirts

x1 hiking shorts

x1 outdoor top

x1 hiking trousers

x1 long sleeve shirt


Spare power battery

Flip flops



Osprey day bag

x1 pair of spare socks

x1 pair of spare pants

Shorts/trousers to switch into

Waterproof jacket

Waterproof trousers

Loo roll

Hand gel

Hand wipes

First aid kit

Walking poles

Water bottles



Portable charger and cables

GoPro stick

Guide book

Plastic bag




Dry bags



The result:


Pray for my back please guys…

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