Photography from Cape Verde

In the last year I have managed to head on trips to a number of countries I never thought I’d get the opportunity to visit, and admittedly, I had never had a plan to visit. Places like The Gambia and Cape Verde haven’t exactly been on my travel radar, and had I been challenged to point them out on a map a couple of years ago, I would have probably pointed to Swindon.

My West African horizons have been broadened since late 2015 when I began working for a holiday company specialising in a number of niche travel destinations, amongst them these two West African gems. Every now and then, employees get the opportunity to jet-off to our destinations and get acquainted with the character, identity and appeal of them. As a writer, this is integral for me, otherwise I may as well be writing about any random place, like Swindon.

My Cape Verde trip was probably the most tiring travel experience of my life. Even after enduring 24-hour bus journeys in Argentina, sleeping in a campervan in New Zealand for a month and hiking in rain and snow in Patagonia; my five-day island-hopping experience of this archipelago was mental. A six-hour flight there and back, sandwiching three internal flights, a ferry journey, four islands, four island tours and a suspected accidental ingesting of sleeping pills that were mistaken for sea sickness pills; I was zonked.

Even if most of my body and mind was sleeping, I still managed to function my camera, and was able to capture some of the beauty and striking scenery afforded by the four islands I visited; Sal, São Vicente, Santo Antão and Boa Vista.

Here are some photos from that whirlwind smash-fest of five-day educational…

Espargos, Sal, Cape Verde
View across Espargos, Sal
Sal, Cape Verde
In some places, Sal looks like Mars. Note the shadow of our 4×4 at the base of the photo.
Salt mines, Sal, Cape Verde
Travel companions gazing out of some old salt mines
Fishing boats on Sal, Cape Verde
Traditional fishing scene on Sal
São Vicente, Cape Verde
Island number two, gazing across to Mindelo on São Vicente
Monte Verde view, São Vicente, Cape Verde
View from Monte Verde on São Vicente
Kite surfing, São Vicente, Cape Verde
Kite surfing is huge in Cape Verde, photographed here on a beach in São Vicente
Coastline of São Vicente, Cape Verde
São Vicente has some pretty awesome coastal scenery
Fishermen on São Vicente, Cape Verde
Local fishermen pull in their boat on São Vicente
Spiders on São Vicente, Cape Verde
A scene from a horror movie
Sunset in Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde
Sun beginning to set over Mindelo on São Vicente
Mindelo at dusk, São Vicente, Cape Verde
Mindelo at dusk
Farming on Santo Antão, Cape Verde
Potatoes being harvested in a caldera on Santo Antão
Santa Maria Beach, Sal, Cape Verde
Sipping Caipirinhas at sunset on Sal
Santa Maria shipwreck, Boa Vista, Cape Verde
Shipwreck on a beach in Boa Vista
Viana Desert, Boa Vista, Cape Verde
The Viana Desert on Boa Vista, formed by sand blown across The Atlantic from the Sahara Desert
Laginha Beach, Mindelo, Cape Verde
Laginha Beach in Mindelo, a corker of a beach
Mountains on Santo Antão, Cape Verde
The mountains in Santo Antão reminded me of Peru
Restaurant in Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde
Grabbing some grub in one of the many beach restaurants in Santa Maria, Sal
Mountain scenery in Santo Antão, Cape Verde
Sugar cane growing on Santo Antão – they make an insane spirit with this stuff known as ‘grogue’
Santo Antão, Cape Verde
More epic mountain scenery in Santo Antão
Baby donkey on Santo Antão, Cape Verde
Couldn’t fit this chap in my backpack


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