India photos – my second day in Jodhpur

My love for Jodhpur only grew on my second and final day in the city. After a pancake breakfast I once again met up with Merel to explore other corners of the Blue City. We walked around the fort and headed to the Desert Rocks Gardens. This is an area of natural beauty that includes several walking trails which showcase the local flora and fauna. We spotted many desert plants and bird species here.

We visited the impressive temple of , a place where many  have been cremated and immortalised. It boasts a cool location peering across to the fort and down over the city. While here, we took up the offer of a free 10-minute meditation session. It was very relaxing but I was so hungry I didn’t feel much spirituality beyond my stomach rumbles.

We managed to hitch a ride on a motorbike back down to the market area of the city which spreads out from an impressive clock tower. We got three of us on the bike, which is quite a lot, but often you can see up to six people riding on one motorbike. India is crazy.

We went into art shops, spice stalls and clothes shops, as well as grabbing an omelette from a famous stand and Jodhpur’s iconic makhania lassi from Mishrilal Hotel. We walked back over the fort, via an encounter with an interesting local who wanted us to take his photo, before settling on a roof terrace for a spot of dinner before my overnight train to Delhi.

I am very sad to leave Jodhpur. I think the city has been my favourite place in India by far, and perhaps one of my favourite cities I have ever visited. I felt more connected to India and its people here – perhaps I have settled into the country now or perhaps it is just because Jodhpur and its people are special and unique. Either way, here are some India photos from my second day in this remarkable place.

Some sort of local desert plant at Jodhpur’s Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
You even get a few cheeky flowers in the desert
Dragonfly saying ‘hey’ and having a pose
Jaswant Thada
A shot inside the grounds of Jaswant Thada
Loads of bracelets tied up inside Jaswant Thada. No idea why
This geez cooked up a tasty omelette
Jodhpur’s famous and tasty Makhania Lassi
One of many classic moustaches which grace the city of Jodhpur
Mr moustache with me and my Dutch friend Merel
Monkeys watching the sunset


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