India photos – Day 1 in Jodhpur

I instantly love Jodhpur. The Blue City as it is known, is a fascinating labyrinth of narrow and bustling streets, with many of the buildings painted blue, apparently to repel insects. Everybody here is smiling and friendly, I think I stopped two or three times every 100 metres just to talk to people and take photos of them. There is no pushy selling vibe here, though I have parted with money to buy some spices and teas to take home.

The city, like many in Rajasthan, is famous for its impressive fort. This one is extra special, seemingly rising from the giant rock upon which it is built. Luckily my guesthouse has a roof terrace and an unbeatable view of the fort in all its glory.

I spent my first day strolling around the market, taking the audio tour of the fort, meeting and speaking to the locals, eating Rajasthan cuisine on rooftop terraces and dipping in and out of interesting shops. In the evening I met my friend Merel who I had spent some time with in Jaisalmer. We went to Jodhpur’s number one restaurant, Gypsy’s, where we ate the world’s best thali. It was remarkable! Here are some India photos from my first day in Jodhpur.

Smashing a paneer butter masala
Cool doors in the Blue City
Friendly folk asked for their photo around every corner
Hustle and bustle as approaching the market
Spice sellers near Sardar Market
The clock tower in Sardar Market with the fort in the background
Spices, teas and other smelly stuff
Geezers and their textiles shop
Walking into Mehrangarh Fort
Families chilling in the shade inside the fort
These guys asked for their photo to be taken, and then looked proper miserable


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