India photos – Jaisalmer and the desert

My Jaisalmer experience came next after my two days in Jaipur. Jaisalmer is a desert city in Rajasthan located out towards the Pakistan border in the east of the country. The town is famous for its magnificent fort and surrounding desert. I had two days and one night in the town, so I decided to split my time between exploring the desert and exploring the fort.

The former was done via an overnight desert tour which included visiting remote villages, natural beauty spots and sand dunes, as well as camel rides through the desert before settling to sleep on beds under the stars. It was an amazing trip, despite my camel, Kolu, being slightly grumpy.

I returned after the desert tour to Jaisalmer and had half a day to walk around the fort area. The town is like an open-air museum, with incredibly intricate architectural features located around every corner, as are cows and big cow pats. I made a number of backpacker buddies here, including Emerson the Brazilian and Merel the Dutchy.

I loved Jaisalmer and the barren landscapes which surround it. In many ways I wish I had more time to explore, but Jodhpur was calling me back east for two days in the ‘Blue City’. Below are some India photos from my time in and around Jaisalmer.

Snake charmer minus the snake
Stopping at a desert village
Happy desert folk
Camels waiting to transport us across the desert
Sunset camel action
My camel, Kolu, chilling as the sun sets over the dunes
Waking the next morning on our beds under the stars
Crow setting the ground rules
A common sight around each corner in Jaisalmer
Attractive cow
One of several temples hidden away in the fort of Jaisalmer
I love the fonts in India


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