India photos – Day five

My second day in Jaipur, and fifth full day in India, was spent on a tuk-tuk tour with the brilliantly-named Mr Khan. We would explore some of the top attractions on the outskirts and outside of the city – all best reached by the beepy and buzzing tuk-tuk.

It was an interesting day. Some of the sights were incredible, but I was also taken to a number of dodgy shops and a very sad elephant park. There is definitely a side to Jaipur that is a little fishy, one based primarily around extracting cash from tourists. This has led to elephants being exploited for tourism, as well as numerous imposter shops opening up and selling rip-off goods under the names of reputable places.

Mr Khan was a friendly and smiley man, but I can’t help but feel he was another cog in this operation. Especially since he seemed to know these shop owners and elephant exploiters as brothers, as well as the fact that he failed to show up and take me to the train station later that night under the pretence that the money I paid him for the tour would also include my ride to the station. This is India! And here are some India photos from day five.

Jal Mahal Palace
At the foot of Amber Fort
View across Amber
One of the many beautiful gates inside Amber Fort
The Hall of Mirrors in Amber Fort
Jaigarh Fort towering above a courtyard in Amber Fort
Amber Fort is pretty amazing
An ancient step-well located a few kilometres from Amber Fort
Me in the step-well. I bought a shatty hat
A view across Jaipur
Some monkeys at Monkey Temple. Hated them



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